How can Johku help you?

Johku is a versatile platform with a variety of features that are all available to everyone.

Johku's development uses continuous integration. As a result, new features and improvements are released quickly to enhance the experience of merchants and customers.

Johku is completely browser-based, and you can use it on your computer, tablet, or phone. With everything in the same interface, you can manage your entire business from one place. No need for any extra software programs or devices. 

Create an account, log in, and you’re ready to go!

Put Johku to work so you can focus on important matters! 

Cross-selling and Johku sales channels

Working together is important to us at Johku. Every Johku merchant can easily collaborate with any other Johku merchant. You can allow other merchants to sell any of your products, or you can sell the products of any merchants that connect to you. 

Johku’s key feature is the capability to collaborate with other Johku merchants. Every merchant can sell the products of other merchants, or choose to share their products for others to sell. Visit the Johku Channels page to explore Johku’s own sales channels and merchants interested in collaboration. Don’t forget to enroll as a collaborator!

Booking calendar

The booking calendar is one of Johku’s core features. A booking calendar is automatically produced for every time-bound product that is created. When buying the product, the customer chooses the time slot from the booking calendar. The booking then registers into Johku’s back-office. Johku ensures that only the pre-defined capacity is sold, and that no double-bookings can occur. 

In Johku’s online interface, you can easily manage customer bookings, make bookings yourself, and adjust product availability. Since commerce is at the core of Johku, we want the booking and payment process to flow flawlessly. Payment can be taken online, through a payment link, by invoice, or at POS.

Online shop

Johku is an e-commerce platform. You can create products, choose preferred payment methods, and start selling your products. When you create an account in Johku, an online shop will automatically be created for you, where you can easily add your products for sale. With Johku, you get a free online shop, as well as much more.

Point-of-sale system

Johku is a POS system. Commerce is at the core of product creation in Johku. We do not limit your options for where and how your products are sold. Products can be sold online, while the Johku interface is also a ready-to-use POS system. All you need to start selling at the till are a payment service provider and payment terminal. Once these are connected to the Johku interface, you are ready to take payments at the till. 

You can design how your POS looks in an unlimited number of ways, for all situations. Each account user can have their own customized POS. When you sell from a Johku POS, availability and stock are updated simultaneously across all sales channels. Using Johku as your POS reduces manual work to the minimum and makes everyday life easier.


When you join Johku, you also get a free website. In addition to adding products to your online shop, you can also add content pages. The pages and products are easy to link in different ways to optimize the customer journey. Johku’s online shop is SEO-friendly, producing excellent visibility when combined with high-quality content.

Enterprise resource planning

Johku helps organize your day-to-day operations in addition to sales. Automated messages to customers reduce routine administrative tasks. With Johku, you can view orders, bookings, customer records, and product information all in one place. You can easily create product-related workflows for tasks such as housekeeping or maintenance. Each user can have their own customized interface that allows them to focus on their own tasks.

Johku is a unique new tool that travels with you wherever you go. The e-commerce platform helps you sell your products and services while tracking your business development.

Johku also saves you time by automating sales, reservations, and customer service task management. Together with our strong partners, Johku enables efficient e-commerce!

Sami Hänninen

CEO, Johku Concept

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support
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