The accounting of an evolving company needs to be automated and provide a clear financial overview at all times. This will make the entrepreneur's days more stress-free and leave time for other things.

Johku automatically records sales receipts and the payments that result from them as payment receipts. Johku's reporting includes the necessary accounting reports, which allow accounting entries to be made directly as memo receipts, speeding up the accounting work. Johku itself also acts as a repository for receipt originals.

Johku is fully integrated with the Visma Netvisor financial management system. Together with Nevisor, Johku forms an almost fully automated financial management system from the customer's first contact to the financial statements, where the accountant's expertise is given the role it deserves as the entrepreneur's "financial manager".


Johku records sales and payment receipts

Johku always records a sales receipt for an accepted order and a payment receipt upon receiving the payment. This all happens automatically. If the merchant accepts the order and receipt generation without any payments, then the merchant can enter one or more payments on the sales receipt.

Receipt data to Excel file

From Receipt Management, it is possible to download receipt data without product lines as an Excel file, which can be used, for example, for checks.

Scheduled accounting reports

Reports can be run from reporting for accounting purposes. These include, for example, a sales report for accounting, a serial ticket report for accounting, a value card report for accounting and a payment method report. Any of the reports can be scheduled to automatically send to the accountant at the preferred time.

Full automation

Johku creates a commerce layer around Visma Netvisor, taking care of the entire commerce process and communicating sales and payment receipts in real-time to Netvisor as they are generated within Johku.
Johku Visma Netvisor Rekisteröi Netvisor 

Cost objects

Cost objects allow a more accurate picture of the economic situation to be built up. In Johku, cost objects can be attached to the whole Johku or to products.
Johku Visma Netvisor

Stock balances

Johku manages real-time availability for both time-based and stockable products. For this reason, Johku takes care of stock entries. When a stock balance is entered in Johku, this is also automatically updated to the products in Netvisor.
Johku Visma Netvisor

Products and inventories

From Johku, both products and resources are synchronised with Netvisor with all their data and stock balances. Johku also defines the warehouses to be created in Netvisor, to which the products to be stored are linked according to the configuration in Johku.  
Johku Visma Netvisor

Visma Pay statements automatically sent to Netvisor

If desired, settlements made from Visma Pay are automatically logged in Netvisor and linked to the receipts communicated by Johku.
Visma Pay Visma Netvisor

Processing of prepayments

Prepayment balance sheet accounts can be set up in Netvisor, where Johku automatically records the prepayments generated from the sale of time-based products.
Johku Visma Netvisor

Connect multiple Johkus to same Netvisor account

Netvisor can be connected to more than one separate Johku by using auxiliary business names with their own receipt repositories. Johku can therefore communicate the receipts to one and the same Netvisor, if necessary, per auxiliary business name.
Johku Visma Netvisor

Invoicing through Visma Netvisor

Johku automatically creates an invoice in the Visma Netvisor financial management system with the status "unsent". If Netvisor has automatic sending enabled for invoices received through API, the invoice is automatically sent to the customer without any further action. Otherwise, the invoice is sent to the customer when the merchant sends the invoice manually in Netvisor. When an invoice is registered as paid in Netvisor, it is also marked as paid in Johku.
Johku Visma Netvisor

Real-time cash flow forecast

When handling all sales on Johku or more, Netvisor automatically generates a real-time cash flow forecast based on a combination of the receipt flow from Johku and the receipt flow recorded in Netvisor. 
Visma Netvisor


In Netvisor accounting software, up to 97% of accounting receipts are generated through automation.
Visma Netvisor Accounting software 


Netvisor's payroll software handles everything from staff hours to payroll. 
Visma Netvisor Payroll software 

Financial management

Netvisor's financial management software automates much of the routine and, together with Johku, provides a real-time snapshot of the company's finances.
Visma Netvisor Financial management software 

Upcoming features

Johku is constantly evolving through the ideas of merchants. You can find new features under development in the Johku Ecosystem. You can also submit your own ideas to our Idea Register, where they will be evaluated and transferred to the development process. 
Johku Ideas   Johku Roadmap   Johku Development  

The Future of Entrepreneurship

Johku is a fast-growing e-commerce platform in Finland. Its support for all product types, coupled with a vast array of features, makes Johku a competitive choice for numerous companies.

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Johku Ecosystem and New Merchants
Sami Hänninen, CEO

Sami Hänninen, CEO

Concept Design and Development
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Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support