Features optimised for tourism destinations

Johku is a way of working and developing

Johku is based on extensive research into customer decision-making and buying in the digital world.

A ready-made model for cooperation

Cross-selling is easy. Any Johku merchant can take products from another merchant for sale. And any merchant can share his own sales channel to other merchants.  

Regional online shopping made easy

You can easily set up a regional online shop. Invite local Johku merchants to your channel and start selling! Bring the best services in your region together in one place and boost your regional marketing.  

Johku's experts at your disposal

Johku's customer support and experts serve regional operators and individual businesses quickly and efficiently. We are happy to share best practices and how you can make the most of Johku.  

Free webinars

We regularly organise free webinars on the features and opportunities of Johku. Everyone is welcome to learn more!  

Tell about Johku in the region

Inform businesses in the region about Johku and how a comprehensive trading platform helps them to do business more efficiently. Or ask us to tell you about it!

Invite companies to the Johku Ecosystem

Tell businesses in the region about our ecosystem, which explains the features of Johku. In the ecosystem, you can also meet other Johku entrepreneurs and hear about new Johku features.

In addition to the regional online shop, introduce Johku POS

In addition to the online shop, products from the region can be sold at the POS. Order a payment terminal and sell directly at fairs, events or tourist information points. Additional sales are the best way to support tourism businesses.  

Help tourism businesses go international

Support the international growth of tourism businesses. Explain the opportunities of digital marketing. Accommodation products can be taken directly from Johku to OTA channels such as Booking.com, AirBnb, Expedia, etc. Activity products can be easily distributed through Bókun.  

Upcoming features

Johku is constantly evolving through the ideas of merchants. You can find new features under development in the Johku Ecosystem. You can also submit your own ideas to our Idea Register, where they will be evaluated and transferred to the development process. 
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The Future of Entrepreneurship

Johku is a fast-growing e-commerce platform in Finland. Its support for all product types, coupled with a vast array of features, makes Johku a competitive choice for numerous companies.

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Johku Ecosystem and New Merchants
Sami Hänninen, CEO

Sami Hänninen, CEO

Concept Design and Development
Minna Mikkola

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support