Reach international customers

Johku is integrated into Bókun in a completely new way. You have access to international OTA channels for activities such as Tripadvisor Experience, Get Your Guide, Klook, Expedia, etc. in addition to Bokun's own.

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Website and cloud POS system

With Johku, you automatically have a website and a cloud POS system. You can use your own domain on Johku's storefront. Johku works directly as a cloud POS system. Order a payment terminal and start accepting payments at your brick and mortar location.

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Merchant cooperation and cross-selling

Every Johku merchant is a potential sales channel and partner for another Johku merchant.

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Reservation management

Johku's interface makes managing reservations efficient and hassle-free. Check your daily, weekly or monthly bookings with customised booking views that update in real time. Create new reservations or edit existing ones just when you need them.

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All product types supported

We start from the principle that merchants should have a real opportunity to develop their business and commerce without having to implement several different systems.

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Sync your reservations to Google Calendar

Johku can create Google calendars for products and enter reservations there. So you can share the calendar with a guide, for example. Johku can also use Google Calendar as a source of availability.

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Customer communication

Johku communicates by email and SMS at order, product and delivery level, enabling on-time communication with the customer in all situations.

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Gift cards

Johku supports both the sales of value cards and their use as payment methods, both online and at brick and mortar checkouts. Johku also supports visually customised PDF templates.

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Versatile payment options

Versatile and secure payment options are available for online shopping. Take advantage of Visma Pay, Paytrail, PayPal, Stripe, ePassi and Smartum payment methods. At the checkout, you can use cash, card, voucher and mobile wallet payments. Some billing functions are also available to you.

Features optimised for activities and experiences

Johku is a way of working and developing

Johku is based on extensive research into customer decision-making and buying in the digital world.

Versatile reporting

Johku's comprehensive reports help you plan your business and make manual work easier. For example, you can choose from agenda reports, sales reports or reservation reports. Reports can also be sent automatically to the selected email address at the selected time.  

Bundle with product options

Product options help you package several different activities into one product. Options can be included in the price of the product or they can be extra.  

Activities with or without tickets

Create different activities and feel free to decide how and where to sell them. If necessary, you can have a ticket automatically created for the activity product. A QR code reader allows you to check tickets quickly. Alternatively, you can sell the activity without tickets.  

Fixed trips or groups

Your product can be sold to an individual customer or to groups. The availability of both products can be based on the same resources, so there are no overlapping reservations.  

Upcoming features

Johku is constantly evolving through the ideas of merchants. You can find new features under development in the Johku Ecosystem. You can also submit your own ideas to our Idea Register, where they will be evaluated and transferred to the development process. 
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The Future of Entrepreneurship

Johku is a fast-growing e-commerce platform in Finland. Its support for all product types, coupled with a vast array of features, makes Johku a competitive choice for numerous companies.

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Johku Ecosystem and New Merchants
Sami Hänninen, CEO

Sami Hänninen, CEO

Concept Design and Development
Minna Mikkola

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support